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Music from Another Dimension Review


COMMENT - Music from Another Dimension Review


Wiley Writers - Cineraku

Another audiobook reading from Wily Writers, read by the one they call Midnight. "It was not a holonovel, where audience and performer were one, the viewer the solipsistic star of everything. Nor was it teleradio, with thoughts and emotions beamed directly to the brain. It was not a net opera, with everyone jacked into the same experience. His art was cineraku, and Takemoto was a master."

"Cineraku" by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

Wiley Writers - Nemesis

I have a new audiobook reading up on Wily Writers! Sam Nemesis, private investigator to gods, heroes and monsters, has a tricky case to solve – Medusa the gorgon has been murdered, and her distraught sisters want Sam to find the culprit. But how’s he to track down a wannabe hero punk who seems to have friends in the very highest places?

"Nemesis" by Nyki Blatchley

Off the Cuff - Dark Knight Rises


COMMENT - Off The Cuff - Dark Knight Rises


Off the Cuff - Amazing Spiderman


COMMENT - Off The Cuff - Amazing Spiderman


Off the Cuff - Prometheus


COMMENT - Off The Cuff - Prometheus


Wiley Writers - Fire Season

A story of oppression, depression, and what a few extra-planetary farmers do it about! Another free short story and audiobook on Wily Writers, written by Samuel Mae and read by Midnight Phil (Philip Pickard).

"Fire Season" by Samuel Mae

A Different Kind of Truth Review


COMMENT - A Different Kind of Truth Review


Chickenfoot III Review


COMMENT - Chickenfoot III Review


Off the Cuff - Van Halen Concert


COMMENT - Off The Cuff - Van Halen Concert


Wiley Writers - One Free Go

A spooky Halloween tale...just in time for the new year! Courtesy of Michelle Ann King, Midnight Phil, and Wily Writers.

"One Free Go" by Michelle Ann King

Wiley Writers - The Fortress of Solicitude

Hey guys! I have another audio book reading up on Wily Writers! “The Fortress of Solicitude” by Laura Givens. Did your grandpa ever regale you with long, colorful accounts of adventures from his youth? Picture that, but if your grandpa was also a superhero, and you'll have a bit of an idea as to what kind of tale this is. As always, the story and the audio reading are free! Check 'em out!

"The Fortress of Solicitude" by Laura Givens

Off The Cuff - Cowboys and Aliens


COMMENT - Off The Cuff - Cowboys and Aliens


Off The Cuff - Captain America


COMMENT - Off The Cuff - Captain America


Captain Eo Review


COMMENT - Captain Eo Review


Off The Cuff - Transformers 3


COMMENT - Transformers 3


Van Halen Retrospective Part 2


COMMENT - Van Halen Pt 2


Wiley Writers - Upon a Star

Hey guys! I have a new audiobook recording up on the Wily Writers website: "Upon a Star," by Debbie Cowens. I believe this may be a new genre of storytelling... fairy tale noir! Ageless beings of mysterious arts, packin' heat and scoping nightclubs. This was a lot of fun to read. A job well done to Ms. Cowens!

"Upon a star" by Debbie Cowens


Off the Cuff - Kung Fu Panda 2

COMMENT - Kung Fu Panda 2


Van Halen Retrospective Part 1


COMMENT - Van Halen Pt 1


Predator 2 Review

COMMENT - Predator 2 Review
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